Sunday, 4 August 2019

Showing Smart Relationship qualities

This week of Cyber-smart was fun because ms. Collins  challenge us to make a tall  marshmallow spaghetti tower. This is how it works - first draw a plan, second when the name is on the board. Our team have to say something like smart helpful, thoughtful ,gentle and anything words that you like.
Third you will make a tall tower.
When its done the teacher will look how tall it is. She sized the ruler up to know the height number. I was with Julio and Nino and we chose the word trust because we always trust our friends. 


  1. Kia ora Chaning
    I really liked how you built the marshmallow spaghetti tower.
    I learnt that marshmallow and spaghetti tower is hard to build
    Maybe you could keep working on your blog because we are really enjoying it!
    Have you thought of doing a bigger tower?
    Mā te wā, Bob

  2. Kia ora Chaning
    I really liked your marshmallow spaghetti tower.
    I learnt that you were learning about building towers.
    Maybe you could build a bigger tower.
    Have you thought of building a tower by yourself too?
    Mā te wā